Corum is a young Swiss watchmaking brand founded in 1955. During the last sixty years the company has become one of the prestigious in the world of fine watchmaking. The company logo is a key symbolizing the access to the hearts of the watch connoisseurs mesmerized by the originality of Swiss craftsmen work.

As a consequence of a persistent work, Corum has occupied a specific niche amongst the watchmakers. Corum’s certain know-hows allow the company to remain one of its kind as, for example, in making the heritage model of the internationally bestselling Coin Watch – a watch made from a last century 20-dollars gold coin.

The original American golden coins Liberty Eagle (10$) and Double Eagle (20$) are precisely sliced into two disks, polishing their internal sides of the surface in a special manner, and embedding into the two disks a high-quality and ultrathin mechanism with the automatic wind and, rarely, with a quartz one. Since the beginning of the 20th century many attempts by other watchmaking companies to produce the golden coin watch brought them only to the pocket model of the this watch. Only Corum’s technical breakthroughs in watchmaking allowed making a wrist model of a coin watch.