Magerit – a Spanish company founded in 1994 in Madrid – brought into the jewelry world a lot of fresh ideas. Made up of professionals with vast knowledge and great experience in the field of fine jewelry, Magerit succeeded to do almost impossible – to create pieces that would amaze the world.

The main theme of Magerit creations is the nature, its diversity and uniqueness of its creatures. Slinking pumas and fire-spitting dragons, running horses and flaming fire, ocean depth and blossoming flowers… These jewelry creations emanate an amazing power and energy.

All depicted animals are always embedded into 18-carats gold, while other diamonds and gems used in Magerit jewelry making are thoroughly selected in accordance with the strict quality control.

The ancient traditions of the Roman and Spanish painting and sculpture combined with the originality and advanced level of jewelry making allowed Magerit to become a solid brand that presents highly artistic precious jewelry. It is worth mentioning that Magerit makes the jewelry creations that can be worn both night and day.