Pasquale Bruni



The year 1976 marked the beginning of Pasquale Bruni’s business adventure when he opened his own small workshop in his native town Valenza. In 20 years the jewelry workshop of 5 craftsmen grew into a large company with a strong reputation and fame outside of Italy.

From a humble jeweler to the genius creator of the unique jewel masterpieces, Pasquale Bruni became a trendsetter in the world of jewelry fashion. Thanks to his vision a new trend – Fashion Jewelry – has emerged in the industry. Besides this, he was the first jeweler to use in his creations the cognac diamonds.

It is possible that Pasquale Bruni has figured out the secret of a woman. Playing on her passion for jewelries, Pascquale Bruni has been creating true masterpieces that tempted every woman. Nowadays we can see more often Pasquale Bruni jewelry on famous people and movie stars. The passionate fans of the brand are Gwyneth Paltrow and Ornella Muti.

The talented Eugenia Bruni – Pasquale Bruni’s daughter – is helping him since 2001 as the creative director of the brand. The unity of the two Bruni generations brings us new collections of jewels characterized by astonishing combinations of forms, materials and style.