Закрытая презентация Stephen Webster 

11 и 12 декабря прошла закрытая презентация нового бренда, представленного в салоне Fleur de Lis, британской марки Stephen Webster. Получив бесчисленное количество престижных наград в области ювелирного дела, Stephen Webster завоевал сердца... Details

Boucheron Quatre Collection presentation and cocktail party

On the threshold of the New Year, Fleur de Lis invited its clients and guests on December 12th and 13th, 2013 at Boucheron Quatre Collection presentation and cocktail party. The guests plunged into the atmosphere of Christmas and glittering lights... Details

Cocktail des Fleur with Oxana Fandera

On July 4th 2013 Fleur de Lis organized the presentation of the exclusive jewelry creations at Nobil Luxury Boutique Hotel. The private presentation brought together the beau monde of the capital. The guests could watch and try the exquisite pieces... Details

Fleur de Lis corner at Grisha Urgant gig in Barbarella

On June 8th 2013 Barbarella ArtPlay brought to Chisinau the Russian project Grisha Urgant. Fleru de Lis built a corner presenting the jewelry pieces that can be found in the store. Details

Presentation of the legendary French Maison Boucheron

The jewelry store Fleur de Lis became the official representative of the French brand Boucheron. On June 8th and 9th, 2012 the invited guests to the Boucheron presentation had the chance to see and try the jewelry pieces from Boucheron collections. ... Details

Ravshana Kurkova at the private presentation of Fleur de Lis

On October 22nd, 2011 Fleur de Lis held a private presentation of the exclusive jewelry pieces. Amongst the invited friends and clients, the reporters could see the representatives of the world-renowned brands Pasquale Bruni and Damiani Group, and a... Details

Opening of Fleur de Lis Store

The presentation and the grand opening of Fleur de Lis jewelry store took place on October 6th and 7th, 2011. The showcases of the store presented the pieces from Pasquale Bruni and Damiani Group (Alfieri & St. Jonh, Bliss). Details